"Gennaro Garofalo è un uomo ricco di estro e genialità, la sua incisione sottile e delicata lo accredita a pieno titoli tra i grandi della glittica. Ogni suo pezzo è unico in cui traspare originalità, creatività, cultura. Le sue immagini suscitano sentimenti, pensieri, emozioni, sensazioni che invadono lo spirito..."

This digital exhibition is a tribute to his work, his life, his Art...immortal in time.

Il Dannato, 1975

Reproduction of Michelangelo's charcoal work,
"Damned Soul".
With this cameo, Garofalo wins the first edition of "il Bulino d'Oro", an artistic event that symbolized the highest expression of art on Cammeo on shell.

Soft drapery frames the face of the man who screams desperately. Muscles stretch, veins swell, forehead twitches. In this work we can clearly read the Master's ability to sculpt emotions, such as fear and anguish.

Nuda , 1992

Strength and femininity together.

The musculature is defined and imposing, the curves are soft and enveloping... an incredible body.

Gennaro Garofalo in this work demonstrates his anatomical studies without leaving anything to chance. Thighs, abdomen, breasts, shoulders, even shadows, everything is perfect. The body while still seems to distort.

Vendemmia, 1965

Made in the classic style
is inspired by a work by Rubens "Putti and Uva".

Seven children carry grapes, and each one wears a different expression, reflecting the task he is accomplishing at that moment. The hair, the bodies... are rich in different details, it is clear that the artist recognizes each of the children a uniqueness.

Soave innocenza, 1960

This cameo represents one of the oldest works in Garofalo's personal collection, where one can undoubtedly read the artist's master in the use of burin.

He's a young boy with kind features and unkempt curls.
Its body is characterized by curves and soft grooves that let imagine a soft skin.

Sintesi empirica, Spazio temporale, 1991

Synthesis of a period of the author that traces in a single work all his studies.

In this cameo there is a perfect cohesion between classic and
modern, with a verage of techniques developed by Garofalo himself. It represents the fruit of his artistic growth, which comes to a unified conclusion that merges into a single emotion.

Each character plays his role, there are different expressions and there are also different sensations that the artist wants to arouse in the viewer of the work.

Le Maschere, 1984

Chosen as the cover of his first book "Il cammeo di Gennaro Garofalo" is one of the most significant works of the Maestro's artistic career.

The technique of drapery is used in an exemplary way, the drapes from the frame become masks, faces, half busts.
The expressions are very clear, they express pride and on the woman you can read every detail of her body...muscles, bones, curves.

Linked to its origins, it reinterprets a sleeping Partenope, under the proud gaze of the Neapolitan people.

Sosia siderale, 2007

Two identical celestial bodies.

Cosmic wind carriers light the stars to make them shine.

For the realization of this cameo the Master Garofalo uses the Marquetry technique , in collaboration with his daughter Giannamaria and her husband Domenico Costabile, who take care of precious and refined inlays.

Inlays made of 18 kt gold, turquoise paste and Corallium rubrum.

Allegoria del potere, 1982

The "thirst for power" according to Master G. Garofalo.

He gives his interpretation through a surreal cameo.

He chose the technique of drapery for the engraving of the work, devoting himself meticulously to anatomical features, especially those concerning the hands.

Power is represented by a perfect sphere... the greed of the hands around it yearning to possess it. The limbs are contracted, as if they tremble nervously, you can see their ferocity.

Cavalli in Ambra, 2000-2010

In this cameo the Garofalo style is clear and unmistakable, representing a creative collage between dream and reality.

The face of the woman, with her eyes half closed, is sweet, serene. The hats are free in the wind and the skin appears smooth and soft.
The amber horses have a bright color, they seem to run around the woman in protection.

Created in collaboration with his sons Filippo and Crescenzo, creators and creators of the Fantasy technique.

Pan, 1979

Inspired by the Greek God Pan, god of the countryside, woods and pastures, was the son of the god Hermes and the nymph Penelope.

Garofalo during the realization of this cameo is carried away by the natural protuberances of the shell, creating a unique work of its kind. The muzzle of the animal comes out of the cameo, giving it a three-dimensional appearance.

Come un incubo, 2000-2010

The young woman comes face to face with her fears, metaphorically represented by a monstrous dragon with sharp teeth. The nightmare comes true.

The Master realizes this cameo using the "Fantasy" technique in collaboration with his sons Crescenzo and Filippo, creators and creators of the coloring method.

Barocco, eccesso e ridondanza, 2007

Disproportionate overabundance is what the artist wants to communicate to the viewer.
In addition to the two faces, a mask is hidden between the draperies.

For the realization of this cameo the Master Garofalo uses the Marquetry technique , in collaboration with his daughter Giannamaria and her husband Domenico Costabile, who take care of precious and refined inlays.

Inlays made of 18 kt gold, green agate, Corallium rubrum and mother of pearl.

Il corpo, 1986

"The body" represents the maximum expression of the anatomical study conducted by Master Garofalo.
This cameo was made in the most creative period of the artist, combining the anatomical representation with the technique of drapery, created by himself.

Depicting a veiled dance between the veils, Garofalo focuses on his artistic objective and describes prominent muscles and nerves, combined with the soft and sinuous female features.

La meditazione, 1996

The woman in meditation is depicted in the lotus position, in search of the perfect balance between body and mind.

Gennaro Garofalo realizes in this work a splendid symmetry made of pearls threads and a sinuous body, sculpted in every detail.

Plasmati dal divino, 1990

A surreal cameo in which all the cornerstones of Master Garofalo coexist, from the technique of drapery to anatomical study.

Numerous are the engraved details, the folds and the grooves characterize the lines of the faces strengthening emotions and sensations.

The Artist gives free rein to his creativity by imagining the hand of God that shapes man in his image and likeness.
Half faces made of eyes, noses and lips intertwine with each other, God seeks the ideal appearance of man.
It's the beginning of everything, the origin of the world.

Commisurazione tra poteri, 2006

A recent work that wants to represent the comparison and the agreement between two superior entities, two authoritative personalities.

There is no conflict, everyone in his space looks in his eyes.

The profiles are proud and the hair free in the wind.
In the background three hidden figures, half-masks, who observe the fact as spectators, as trusted advisers.